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Hotel Black Sea, Odessa

Project Description

Hotel Black Sea is a part of «Novyj Privoz» shopping center, and is located in a favorable city structure nearby “Privoz” market, in Pantelejmonovskaya Street, Odessa. The building arrangement assists normal functioning of trading premises and hotel complex with an underground parking.

The volume-spatial composition consists of 6 or 9 floor main body being situated in Kolxoznyj alley with two one-storeyed trading bodies symmetrically located to it and overlaped with high-tech openwork polycarbonated steel arches. An organized internal space is located in the main body by means of an atrium that forms an individual color of the hotel. The quarter with the trading-hotel complex joins general transport highways of the city.

Hotel: ****

– GAP Povstanyuk M.G.
– The leading architect of the project Povstanyuk M.M.
– Svirid D.I.
– Saveleva E.V.
gip: Ulyanov V.I.